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TYRES squeal and police sirens howl as villains are chased through dark, deserted streets.

Just as it looks like they will escape, the Bat Signal splits the sky and with a roar of engines they are brought to justice by the Dark Knight himself Batman.

The groundbreaking show is still being created, but it will mark the first time the Caped Crusader has ventured off the printed page or screen and in front of a live audience.

At first glance, it is not his natural home but if the past seven decades of continued popularity have shown anything, it is Batman's ability to move and evolve with the times.

Executive producer Nick Grace is certain he has a smash on his hands.

While "Anaboliset Aineet" there is still a long way to go even to the first night, the show's creators have already gone all out to ensure success.

Like Batman himself, they have spared no expense and scoured the world for the best people and equipment.

Other stand out names include set designer Es Devlin who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga Oral Steroids Risks and Take That, while technical manager Jake Berry can count U2, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Metallica among the bands whose vision he has Masteron Female Dosage helped to realise.

Impressive stuff, as was the scale of the production. They are already planning for 20 trucks 'massive for an arena show' says Jake transporting 90 cast and crew from city to city for five years. They will house a 130ft video wall, 60 by 100 ft stage, acrobats, explosions, heroes, villains in short, the works.

The man responsible for bringing all these elements together is Nick Grace, executive producer.

Producing that big a show that lives up to Batman's heritage would be a lot of pressure for anyone, but if Nick Buy Kamagra was feeling the strain, he wasn't showing it.

"I'm living Buy Cialis Switzerland the dream," he enthuses. "Like most boys, I was a Batman fan and grew up making my own utility belt and Batcave. Now I can do that for real."

He adds: "You can't get a bigger brand than Batman which is why an arena is the perfect setting.

"People go to see an arena show expecting an event. We will give them that Methandienone Tablets Price In India even from the first moment you enter the arena, there will be blimps flying overhead and helicopter and police Billig Generisk Cialis noises, with Gotham City in front of you on a giant stage.

"Then night falls and the show begins. I have to stress it's not a musical I was never tempted to have Batman sing but it is a fast moving and exciting spectacle with something for everyone."

Nick says the support he has received from DC has been tremendous.

"Everyone has been so passionate about what we are doing, and Jim Lee especially has been an inspiration from "Anabolika Definition" day one.

"I've got to see his team create the designs, from sketches to pencils to inks to full colour drawings. I mean, how cool is that?"

In between admiring the work of the Batman Live team, Nick has also worked hard to bring the show to the UK first, followed by Europe and then America and the rest of the world.

"It is a world tour over five years," he says. "We've booked in the first two and a half years of that so far.

"To me, we have the best creative people in the UK and can produce the best show possible starting in the UK.

"Batman is such a popular character though that I'm sure we will see Batman fans flying in to see the show in the UK from all over the world when the tour starts in July."